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Master your press relations!

Mease is a platform dedicated to the management of press relations on Festivals. It assists you daily before, during and after your event.

Inspired and supported by
Inspired and supported by

Enough with the never-ending email exchanges, the 200-line long coloured excel tabs and the crossed-out paper calendars: Mease lightens the workload and makes it more comfortable for you to deal with.

Save precious time, ease your correspondence and avoid mistakes thanks to Mease’s promise to offer you a global vision of the various requests and exchanges between the accredited medias and the artists performing at your festival.

Mease allows you to manage and follow up all interview requests in real time and on one single platform. Mease facilitates the exchanges and meet-ups between the medias (web, press, TV, radio, etc.) and the artists (or their representatives: labels, managers, record companies).


One single tool, multiple services!

Designed as a multi-tasking platform, Mease offers festivals a global vision of their press relations.

The features it includes vary depending on the roles of each of the protagonists.

Festival organisation :

press officers, communications team and volunteers

  • Manage users, easily add, edit and delete users (media / artists's representatives)
  • Easily import your database to create your users
  • Export the list of users for external use

Accredited artists’ representatives:

managers, record companies

  • Can manage all interview requests in real time (refusals, validations, notifications, etc.)
  • Can export their interview schedules and sort them by artist, media, day, etc.
  • Can enjoy a secure follow-up and way to pass on information

Accredited medias:

photographers, videographers, journalists

  • Can keep up-to-date about the conditions imposed by the artists
  • Can request interviews with any artist performing at the festival
  • Can receive instant notifications (by email) when there's a status update

A pricing to fit your needs

3 offers declined according to the number of artists programmed


Between 1 to 15 artists

€ 450 H.T
Price per edition
Free trial


Between 16 to 70 artists

€ 580 H.T
Price per edition
Free trial


More than 70 artists

€ 666 H.T
Price per edition
Free trial

All packs include :

One edition festival
Unlimited users
Unlimited file transfers
Unlimited interview requests
Unlimited e-mails and notifications

They trust us

Cabaret vert

Les Vieilles Charrues

Designed and created for festivals by the Paléo Festival Nyon

Originally designed for its own purpose by the Paléo Festival Nyon in Switzerland and developed in collaboration with the TBNT agency, Mease was specifically created to meet the needs of festivals facing the issue of press relations management.

The platform has been used for several years by the Paléo Festival Nyon to coordinate all the exchanges between the 550 accredited journalists and the people in charge of promoting the 285 shows proposed by the Festival.

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